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This Bahco set contains the following;

PC-22-INS Bahco Profcut Insulation Saw specially developed for cutting insulation material, including mineral wool. The hand saw has a wave formed sharpened edge (WT toothing) that allows it to slice through the material creating minimal waste.

Should be stored in sleeve for rust protection.

Will cut:
EPS - Expanded Polystyrene, cellular plastic up to 75mm.
XPS - Extruded Polystyrene, for example Styrofoam up to 75mm.

Size: 22in.
Overall Length: 550mm.

A Bahco Insulation Saw Sharpener that is designed to operate easily and sharpen the edge of the Bahco Insulation Saw. Equipped with tungsten carbide blades, it is tough, durable and well suited to sharpen the Insulation Saw. Features a knuckle protection for user safety.

Bahco 3870-SG11 Protective Glasses that are scratch resistant and have a polycarbonate clear lens, ensuring that vision is not impeded by the glasses.

Lens Marking: 2C-1.2 SNA 1 FT CE.

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