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DEWALT is launching the XR FLEXVOLT battery system and it promises to be yet another positive step in the evolution of tools.


Running high powered tools from batteries is a dream for many. The ability for a roofer, for example, to work at height with cordless tools is a bonus as it allows him to be free from the constraints of a power cord.


However, when it's time to trim hip joints, for example, he'd be forced to carry an unwieldy corded circular saw up to where he's working.


What if there was a battery that would power your high-draw tools just as efficiently as it powers your impact driver, giving you the freedom to work on tough materials wherever you are.


Here's the Top 3 Things You Need to Know about DEWALT's XR FLEXVOLT System

#1 - It's the Evolution Many of You Have Been Waiting For

Dewalt's UK and ROI managing director said:

"To put this simply, the DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT range is the next chapter in cordless technology. DEWALT is launching a range of tools that are not just extremely powerful – they will also provide in excess of a full day’s runtime on single charge for most users.


The potential for this technology is limitless: for each and every trade."


#2 - It's a Convertible Battery Platform - the World's First

The new batteries are both 18v and 54v and they're completely backwards compatible with all of DeWALT's massive 18v XR range. The company promises that slotting one of these new XR batteries into your 18v cordless tool will give you "unbeatable runtime".


The battery has the option to "amplify its voltage" to an unprecedented 54v, meaning they can be used on big, heavy duty construction tools.


#3 - They Hold Lots of Charge

The new batteries, as well as being dual voltage - higher power when your tool needs it - are also 6Ah, giving you charge to spare when you use them in lower draw tools such as drill drivers. Partner them with a brushless cordless tool, and you probably won't need to charge the battery at all during the day.


What prevents many of the corded tools we rely on daily to make the switch to battery power is simply the draw from the motor is too high.


Whether it's large diameter grinders, alligator saws or table saws, current technology implies that we need corded versions in order to perform the big jobs.


DeWALT is making no secret of the fact that it believes the new FLEXVOLT XR platform should abolish that mind-set. That's because of the new range of tools they're releasing that will take full advantage of the world's first convertible voltage battery.


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