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The Faithfull mortar raking kit is a specialist tool for use with 115 mm (4.1/2in) or 125 mm (5in) diameter angle grinders., for two main tasks.

Removing mortar joints in brickwork

Cutting channels within masonry materials for cable and pipe runs, and housings for electrical fittings and controls.

Compared with diamond wheels which operate in vertical and horizontal planes only , the cutter provides two advantages.

Targeted cutting in any direction including curves and radiuses , whereas the taper of bladed cuts would extend past the target area.

Immediate stock removal.

The fully adjustable sole plate allows a choice in the depth of cut and the tubular handle fits to a vacuum cleaner for dust extraction.

The kit comes complete with a unique reversible solid tungsten carbide cutter that is simple to replace and is available as a replacement part.

Kit Contains the following items.

Adjustable depth sole plate with tubular handle for use on angle grinders with a 115 mm (4.1/2in) or 125 mm (5in) diameter
3 reduction rings to fit angle grinders with a collar diameter of 50 mm , 43 mm , 42.5 mm or 41 mm

Hexagon key.

M14 thread grinder collet

Reversible 10 mm solid tungsten carbide cutter.

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