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High-pressure hose with kink protection and with patented rotating AVS trigger gun connector and manual coupling (M 22 x 1.5). Long-Life hose with double steel inlay.

    Length: 10 m
    Nominal width: 8
    compatible for operating pressure up to 400 bar
    compatible for a maximum temperatur of up to 155 °C

Compatible products*:

all Kärcher Commercial high-pressure cleaners (model name beginning with HD ... or HDS ...) which have the indicated connections at machine and accessory and which do not exceed the maximum pressure and temperature.

for example:

    Kärcher HD 10/23-4 S
    Kärcher HD 1050 B
    Kärcher HD 1050 DE
    Kärcher HD 13/18-4 S Plus
    Kärcher HD 5/11 C
    Kärcher HD 5/14 C + FR30
    Kärcher HD 5/14 C Plus
    Kärcher HD 5/15 C + FR
    Kärcher HD 5/15 C Plus
    Kärcher HD 6/13 C Plus + FR Classic
    Kärcher HD 6/15 C Plus
    Kärcher HD 6/16-4 M Plus
    Kärcher HD 600
    Kärcher HD 7/18 C Plus
    Kärcher HD 7/18-4 M Plus
    Kärcher HD 715
    Kärcher HD 801 B
    Kärcher HD 9/20-4 M
    Kärcher HD 901 B
    Kärcher HDS 10/20-4 M
    Kärcher HDS 1000 BE
    Kärcher HDS 1000 DE
    Kärcher HDS 12/18-4 S
    Kärcher HDS 13/20-4 S
    Kärcher HDS 2000 Super
    Kärcher HDS 5/11 U
    Kärcher HDS 5/12 C
    Kärcher HDS 5/13 U
    Kärcher HDS 6/14 C
    Kärcher HDS 6/14-4 C
    Kärcher HDS 695-4 M Eco
    Kärcher HDS 7/12-4 M
    Kärcher HDS 7/16 C
    Kärcher HDS 8/17 C
    Kärcher HDS 8/18-4 C
    Kärcher HDS 801 B
    Kärcher HDS 801-4 E 12 KW
    Kärcher HDS 801-4 E 24 KW
    Kärcher HDS 9/18-4 M
    Kärcher HDS-E 8/16-4M 12 KW
    Kärcher HDS-E 8/16-4M 24 KW
    Kärcher HDS-E 8/16-4M 36 KW
    Kärcher Xpert-HD 7125
    Kärcher Xpert-HD 7140

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