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The new Ryobi TEK4 tool range provides performance, durability and long run-time in a compact package. Each Tek4 tool is powered by a 4 Volt reusable and interchangeable Lithium-Ion battery.

This Ryobi RP4030 Infrared Thermometer has the capability to perform 4,000 measurements per single charge by using the means of a laser spot indicator that will read from the unit to the area the spot beam hits. This is ideal for detecting pipes and wires in floors and walls and also for checking mechanical equipment or electrical circuit breakers boxes or outlets for hot spots. As all the Ryobi TEK4 range, this RP4030 4 Volt infrared thermometer is impact, dust, and water resistant and will certanly withstand tough job site conditions.

Also ideal for checking for cold air draughts around doors and windows, and heater, air conditioning, oven and freezer temperatures.

Maximum performance.

Each TEK4 tool is powered by a 4 Volt reusable Lithium-Ion battery and is designed for ultimate performance and ease of use.
The TEK4 battery is interchangeable with all Tek4 products giving you ultimate flexibility.

4,000 measurements per charge.
Height 25.4 cm.
Width 7.6 cm.
Length 29.5 cm.
Weight 0.83 kg.

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