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The new Ryobi Tek4 tool range provides performance, durability and long run-time in a compact package. Each Tek4 tool is powered by a 4 Volt reusable and interchangeable Lithium-Ion battery.

The Ryobi RP4530 are equipped with the latest electronic noise suppression which suppresses harmful impulse and background noise on the job site and at home but has the unique communication enhancement technology which enhances close range conversations. The Ryobi RP4530 has a neat built-in auxiliary input for use with iPod and MP3 compatible devices and an auto power off system that saves the battery for less downtime recharging and will give a longer usage life. Not just for the construction site or home, you can use these anywhere like motor racing, fishing or shooting. These Ryobi suppression headphones are impact, dust and water resistant and will withstand tough job site conditions.

Each Tek4 tool is powered by a 4 Volt reusable Lithium-Ion battery and is designed for ultimate performance and ease of use.
The Tek4 battery is interchangeable with all Tek4 products giving you ultimate flexibility.

Auxiliary cable.
Noise reduction rate: 25 dB.
24 hour constant use.
iPod / MP3 player compatible.
Height 30.3 cm.
Width 10.1 cm.
Length 26.9 cm.
Weight 0.09 kg.

Includes: 1 x AP4001 battery, 1 x AP4700 charger, 1 x auxiliary cable.

nb. iPod is the property of Apple. This product is not designed, manufactured, sponsored or endorsed by Apple.

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