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W687E WallPerfect I-Spray with the new I-SPRAY nozzle technology guarantees optimal atomisation and a high working speed. WallPerfect W687e I-SPRAY is the ultimate all in one solution for decorating your home and garden, suitable for all your projects inside and outside. All type of paints can now be sprayed with minimal effort, hardly any dilution required: most of the paints can now be sprayed straight out of the paint can.

Comes with two spray attachments: WallPerfect attachment ideal for: emulsions of all types on large areas, and Perfect Spray metal attachment ideal for: eggshells, Gloss, Satin, Stains, Lacquers and Wood Preservers water or solvent based.


Input Power: 615 Watt, 2-Stage Turbine.
Atomisation power: 160 Watt.
Paint Flow Rate: 0 - 375 ml/min.
Viscosity Max: 170 DIN/sec.
Reservoir Capacity: Wall Paint: 1800ml, Lacquer & Varnishes: 800 ml.
Air hose length: 3.5m.

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